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Job Title: Production Supervisor
Location: Guangdong
Salary: Negotiable Date: 2008-8-25
Requirements: 2 expiration date: 30
Specific requirements: Recruitment Department: Production Department
Education: High School
Sex: Male
Age: 28 or more
Experience: 3
Specific requirements: First, the basic requirements 1.28 years of age; 2, high school or above; 3, hardworking, responsive, good communication and coordination skills; have a strong executive power 4, in metal plating industry, more than 5 years, with 3 years work experience positions. Second, job duties 1, practical ability, have the ability to solve problems quickly; 2, familiar to all kinds of electroplating process; 3, there is a wealth of on-site management experience, can well handle the production of temporary technical problems and personnel issues . 4, responsible for team building and training; 5, is responsible for continuously improving the production process to reduce consumption; (without electroplating industry experience in production management candidates resumes carefully cast, thank you)

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