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For those interested in development of the industry in the surface treatment of various types to provide a broad platform for career development!

GNC Human Resources Mission:

Jien Xi will focus on the common struggle of workers as the company's most important and valuable resource, the value of the company jointly created by the staff.
Companies adhere to people-oriented, growth and progress for the staff to create mutual trust, mutual respect, culture, career planning for staff to provide more opportunities and space, and with outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to the employees to be recognition and reward, seeks to value and company value employees synchronization, employees grow with the company and each other.
Companies to find and cultivate a good potential for career development, employee recognition company values to enhance company's competitiveness as an important means through competition for employment, rotation exercise, the introduction of talented people to continuously improve the mechanism to maintain the overall quality of the company increased staff development a good trend. In staff motivation, the company implemented a comprehensive incentive program: including fixed salary, variable pay, all kinds of sound welfare protection; and commitment to work for the staff create a relaxed atmosphere, good working environment and adequate opportunities for training and development and upgrading.

Gather and train high quality professionals in the industry, is committed to contributing to society and realize the value of life is the company's relentless pursuit!
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