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Release and inspection report of waste water from Zhangbei factory in Jinxi from January to August 2018
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20181月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)

20182月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)

20183月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)

20184月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)

20185月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)

20186月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)

20187月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)

20188月废水排放口每月检测报告 (点击打开或鼠标右键另存)


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